Statistics for Ecologists using R and Excel

Data Collection, Exploration, Analysis and Presentation

by: Mark Gardener

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This is a book about the scientific process and how you apply it to data in ecology.S4E2e-Cover You will learn how to plan for data collection, how to assemble data, how to analyze data and finally how to present the results. The book uses Microsoft Excel and the powerful Open Source R program to carry out data handling as well as producing graphs.

Statistics help you make sense of data, which is generated in all branches of science. Ecology is a wide-ranging and important science, which helps our understanding of the natural world.

Who this book is for

Students of ecology and environmental science will find this book aimed at them although many other scientists will find the text useful as the principles and data analysis are the same in many disciplines. No prior knowledge is assumed and the reader can develop their skills up to degree level.

What you will learn from this book

  • How to plan ecological projects.
  • How to record and assemble your data.
  • How to use Excel for data analysis and graphs.
  • How to use R for data analysis and graphs.
  • How to carry out a wide range of statistical analyses including analysis of variance and regression.
  • How to create professional looking graphs.
  • How to present your results.

What’s new in Edition 2

  • Completely revised chapter on graphics.
  • Chapter on basic community statistics, biodiversity and similarity.
  • Chapter summaries.
  • End of chapter exercises

More information

Visit our publication page for more details and support material.


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