Patient Powered Medicine is all about human experience. Essentially it is about taking experience stories and turning them into meaningful data and visualisations that can help decision makers improve their patients experiences for the better.

Our work varies from the fairly straightforward to the downright cutting-edge.

PPM  offers:

  • Experience Landscapes ©  (how does engagement with you feel for different kinds of people across the whole landscape of your business?)
  • Experience Measurement System MOTs  (what are your current systems giving you, and how can they be improved?)
  • Heatmaps (which of the potential changes you could make will impact the greatest variety of people?)
  • Impact Analyses (what difference have you made this year, and for what kinds of people?)
  • Social Value Bank (what is the likely monetary value of the impact you’ve made?)
  • Dendrograms (these are like family trees, and they tell you what issues in your business are most closely related for the people who use it)
  • Analysis of Employee and Consumer  Stories (stories answer the questions you didn’t even know you wanted to ask)
  • Staff Engagement (keep your people keen)
  • Community Engagement  (be in the right places at the right times – position your offer with maximum impact)
  • Evidence Workshops (use PPM’s illuminating data to influence your stakeholders)
  • Multivariate Analysis (want to compare everything with everthing? now you can)

I am the Data Analyst for Patient Powered Medicine… my role is to take experience stories and to re-present them in ways that allow decision-makers more “access” to the underlying issues.